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Michael Crapis

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Driven by a lifelong fascination with technology, my career is rooted in electronics engineering and software development.

In 2019, I embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, founding Zeutek 3D Printing, a company that leverages advanced 3D printing technology to help customers rapidly prototype and produce custom parts on a local level, eliminating the need for personal printer ownership.

In 2022, I extended my expertise into IoT and mobile app development, founding Zeus Design. Zeus Design specialises in a comprehensive suite of tech solutions, including electronics design, embedded software, mobile app development, and cloud services. Our dedicated team tailors these services to the needs of our clients, but we also thrive in the space of creating and launching our own innovative products.

Our breakthrough app, Affirmate, released in 2022, stands testament to our capabilities in cloud software and mobile app development. This successful launch highlighted our team’s ability to bring ideas to life through our customer-centric products.

​As we look ahead, our vision is clear: To leverage our expertise in IoT, electronics design, embedded software and mobile app development to create technologies that fulfil the needs and enhance the wants of the modern world.