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Michael Crapis

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Driven by a lifelong fascination with technology, my career as an electronics engineer and software developer has shaped my entrepreneurial ventures.

In 2019, I founded Zeutek 3D Printing, a service that leverages advanced 3D printing technology to help customers rapidly prototype and produce custom parts locally, eliminating the need for personal printer ownership.

Expanding my technological footprint in 2022, I established Zeus Design, specializing in electronics design, embedded software, mobile app development, and cloud services. Our team excels not only in meeting client needs in their projects but also in developing our own innovative products.

My initial venture into app development began with the launch of Affirmate, which received positive reception and marked my successful entry into mobile applications. This paved the way for a diverse range of apps, from a car G-force meter to an AI-powered therapy app and more, each designed to enhance everyday life in unique ways.

In a deeply personal endeavor, I launched Forever In Our Hearts in 2024. This service was born from the profound loss of my father, aiming to honor his memory through a digital sanctuary where the essence of loved ones can be celebrated eternally with a digital memorial and tributes.

Looking forward, my vision remains focused: to harness my expertise in IoT, electronics design, embedded software and mobile app development to innovate solutions that address the needs and desires of today’s world.